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Welcome to Nassfeld

General Information

The summer and winter adventure area of Nassfeld is situated in the heart of the Gailtal valley, directly on the border to the Italian region Friuli. Nassfeld is internationally renowned in winter as the leading skiing area of Carinthia. In summer this area offers unlimited sport and leisure activities for all ages.

Nassfeld is imbedded between the peaks of Gartnerkofel (2.195 m), Rosskofel (2.239 m) and Trogkofel (2.280 m). A botanical gem in this area is the Wulfenia flower, named after Franz Xaver von Wulfen, who discovered this rare flower in 1779. The Wulfenia can still be seen to the current day growing around Garnitzenalm, Kühwegeralm and Watschigeralm as well as on the Italian side around the Auernigalm and Zirkelalm.

Family Adventure Nassfeld

Kids playgrounds, water displays along the Aqua Trail and a summer tobogganing run are only a few of the many attractions for families.

Mountain Bike Trails

Perfect for mountain bike enthusiasts, the border crossing bike trails total up to a staggering 950 km network covering easy and more adventurous routes. These bike tracks also boast the longest down-hill track in the alps.

KHW 403

As a hotspot for summer tourists Nassfeld certainly differs to the other more remote and quiet parts of the KHW. Whilst Nassfeld is Carinthia’s biggest skiing area in winter, it also offers a vast variety of attractions – in particular for families – during the summer months.

Next Stage

The next stop Egger Alm is located 11.1 km from Nassfeld. This section takes around 4.5 hrs on foot.
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Accommodation: Wulfenia da Livio
Tel.: +43 660 318 68 77
Address: Passo Pramolio 8, 33016 Pontebba (UD)
Opening Times: end of may till october
Further Information: KHW Arrival Information
- From Tröpolach by car 12,4 km
- Private rooms with shower and toilet