Dolinza Alm (c)
Willkommen auf der Dolinza Alm

General Information

Situated on the border to Italy Dolinza Alm is nestled between the mountains Oisternig (2.052 m) and Starhand (1.965 m). This hut is easily reachable by mountain-bike or car from the town Vorderberg.

KHW 403

Dolinzaalm is situated in the Alpine pastures at the base of the Oisternig mountain and is the perfect area for family outings and hikes. Divided by the Italian border this area boasts a particular Austro-Italian flair. The KHW in direction to Thörl-Maglern crosses the border multiple times on the way to Feistritzer Alm.

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The hike from Dolinza Alm to Feistritzer Alm stretches over 3.3 km and takes around 1.5 hrs.

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