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Welcome to the Kleinkordinalalm

General Information

Kleinkordinalm is situated directly on the KHW and is easily accessible from the valley. Take the well maintained dirt road to Straniger Alm and from there further to Kleinkordinalm.

The perfect family hike

An easy hike with little incline, the hike from Straniger Alm to Kleinkordinalm is perfect for families with toddlers. Take the scenic hike to Hochwipfel along the way.

KHW 403

Adopt a cow and take away a cheese sample pack from the milk of these happy cows! Sounds like fun? This is just one of the special souvenirs to take away with you on this special hike.

Next Stage

Next stop along the KHW is Rattendorfer Alm. Allow approx. 2 hrs for the 5 km hike from Kleinkordinalm.
Contact: Herbert Wassertheurer & Richard Schoba
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Address: Wassertheurerberg 1, 9632 Kirchbach
Opening Times
Further Information: KHW Arrival Information 
From Stranig in Goderschach by car or mountain bike via dirt road
From Stranig via hiking track No.419 – approx. 4 hrs

Englisch speaking hiking guides & guided tours
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Todd Lederer
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