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The Carnic High Trail runs along the state border with Italy from San Candido/Vierschach to Thörl-Maglern/Villach. As a base camp and home base for acclimatisation, preparation and for family and friends who are not hiking with you, we recommend the BERGSTEIGERDORF Mauthen.

Hotels, private rooms or farm holidays at the bottom of the mighty Carnic Alps. Day tours to the Polinik, to the historical open-air museum on the Kleiner Pal, to the Wolayer See and to the Blumenberg Mussen are the ideal introduction to your adventure "Karnischer Höhenweg".

Here are the accommodation options:

Before you start: become a member of the Alpine Club. Full insurance cover and discounts at the huts are just two of the benefits. Part of your membership fee also stays in the region and helps the local Alpine Club sections to maintain huts and trails.
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With the new tool you can plan your adventure "Karnischer Höhenweg" even more precisely and check the bed availability at the ÖAV huts along the KHW even more easily.
Start with the start date of your tour and define which huts you would like to stay in. The tool shows you whether and how many beds are available on the desired days.
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